The role of sulfuric acid in steam generators

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Waste Heat Boilers - Sulphuric Acid

steam generated in heat recovery boilers of sulphuric acid plant) and supply of power from the state power grid and captive generation in generators using fuel oil. The need for process steam is met by way

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HCL Gas Generator By Sulfuric Acid Route - UD Technologies

The CO 2 leaves the boiler with the steam and redissolves when the steam condenses to produce carbonic acid. This can be controlled by chemical addition to the boiler or directly into the steam to control the condensate pH in the range of 8.5 to 9.0.

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Sulfuric acid - Essential Chemical Industry

As the water changes to steam it rises to the top of the boiler and exits through risers to the steam drum. Firetube boilers in acid plants are generally natural circulation boilers. If the source of gas is a sulphur or regeneration furnace, the inlet gas vestibule and the inlet tubesheet will be protected by refractory and the individual tubes by ceramic ferrules.

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